Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Links 5/29/2010

It has been an busy week. I accomplished two out of the twelve things on my list. I will have a big reveal on Monday, just in time for Made it on Monday hosted by Skip to My Lou. I realized that this weekend six years ago I was hired at a little family owned restaurant as a hostess. Only to move on to server and then manager. Hmm, I just hired at a little family owned restaurant as a hostess. Not that I want to manage again but I find it interesting. Anyways, this is the official beginning summer for us and I am starting off beginning a new job, training Saturday and Sunday! So I putting up links in hopes to have an easy Saturday day with the family.

2010 Sunscreen Guide by Enviroment Working Group

I personally do not like to use sunscreen, seriously! We try to stay out of the sun during peak times of 10-2. I only use it if we are in the pool. Otherwise, we use olive oil. I am not kinding and you heard me right I use Olive oil. It is a natural sunscreen. I tested it on myself one day and was fine. The next day on my fair skinned children and nothing, they were protected. You do have to re-apply more frequently but it is natural. I buy the Trader Joe's spray can of olive oil, no joke and I spray it on my kids and I and it works.

DIY: Super Simple Market Bag by Simple Organic
Perfect timing to make new ones out of old shirts and get rid of my plastic ones.

Sonlight Curriculum is celebrating 20 years and a chance to win curriculum

We Remeber and We are Thankful Here is what this weekend is really about! Our soliders! Thank you to the men and women who protect our freedom with your lives. I am thankful and blessed to know you do what you do. These photos are amazing!

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