Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nashville is in Need!

My sweet friend in Nashville just sent this note via FB and I wanted to do my part and get the word out there too. Here is the note and her heart on her sleeve. Lets help these people out whether it is praying, giving, or volunteering. Whatever you can do any little bit will help.

Courtesy of Samaritan's Purse
Friends that blog, facebook, etc.

I'm asking a favor.

Over the weekend Nashville experienced catastrophic flooding, making history, taking lives, ruining homes, and shutting down the city.

Yet - not many around the nation seem to even know about it.

The media does not seem to be reporting it and so many of my friends have been unaware of the magnitude of the devastation that has occurred in TN.

Our family is SO fortunate to be alive, after being trapped in gridlock traffic for 2 hours on a flooding freeway with no way to get out. Praise God we were finally able to turn around and move to higher ground.

Our house is dry on our little hill, and the rains have subsided, but water fills many, many homes in my area still - down the street, a barn is under water.

Schools are closed, Obama has declared it a federal disaster area, and shelters are at their capacity.

Our water supply is low and we have been ordered not to use it for anything other than cooking/drinking and hand washing.

Most of the people who lost their homes did not have flood insurance as Nashville is not considered a flood plain. The insurance they did have, did not cover property within the home.

I am asking all my friends all over the country to please help me spread the word, either by blog, by tweet, by word of mouth - anything - that can motivate people to help.

Recovery will cost billions. People will have to wait months for FEMA aid, but we can help NOW with food, clothes, and donations that go directly to Nashville!

I can't leave the house with the girls and pump water out of houses, (or literally, raft down the street to our neighbors) but I can spread the word and help that way, and you can join with me and blog/tweet/educate your neighbors about the emergency situation unfolding in our own country.

A REALLY short/quick Twitter or Facebook update could look like this:

"To help with flood relief efforts in Nashville, please send donations to Hands on Nashville.(;"

Hands on Nashville is amazing, and all of the $$ would go straight back to our city.

Thank you SO much friends.
I have cried tears over this beautiful city and the scores of neighbors ALL over Nashville who have lost everything.
Thank you so much, friends.


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