Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Field Trip!

I have been loving the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway and am very thankful for all of your lovely comments.
My giveaway will end at midnight tonight, scroll down one post to enter.
I now have WAY too many fabulous ideas of things to sew! You ladies are amazing! I think of myself as a good seamstress but after seeing some things, I know I can improve with all of the tutorials and such.

We had such a great family day,
enjoying the area in which are are blessed to live in the Central Coast.
The family at Montana De Oro

We went to the Natural History Museum in Los Osos
Enzo is listening to "Rocky" the Morro Bay Rock talking about the ocean

There were all sorts of animals and birds on display

Enzo's favorite the shark

Kira and the Stinky Skunk

California Moutain Lions a.k.a Cougars that like to drink a buttery Chardonnay

Kira squeezes him so hard, but he still loves it

We went to the Morro Bay little aquarium and got some salt water taffy, yum!
I love that Eric has Saturday's off now!
We are getting such great family time in!

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