Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Polenta with Veggies

I was trying to think of new starches that I could incorporate in our diet. I had totally forgot about polenta. It is so easy to make a big batch and it keeps well for about a week. It is easy to reheat in the pan and you can add really any sauce to it and change it up.

I made polenta and served it with a mushroom, grape tomato, onion and eggplant sauce. I used my grill pan, did I mention that I love my grill pan? I do.

Polenta with Veggies

2 C corn meal-I used stone ground
8 C boiling water and have a little extra just in case

Bring water to a boil and slowly add the polenta, it should still be boiling. Stir continuously in the same direction for about 30 minutes on a lower heat. The more you stir the creamier the result. Be careful it will bubble and it will burn you if not in a deep pot. When the sides start to peel away from the pan it is almost ready. Salt to taste.

1 medium onion chopped
1 basket of mushrooms
half of an eggplant
1 handful of grape tomatoes-whole
1 handful of grape tomatoes quartered
Mary-Ann Herb salt
Mary-Ann Seasoning salt- if you do not have this use a small pinch of nutmegwith salt and pepper.

Dry saute onions over medium high heat. Add mushrooms, try not to crowd mushrooms they brown better not crowded (Julia taught me that). Sprinkle a little seasoning salt on mushrooms. Add eggplant and saute until soft and skin it tender. Add tomatoes and braggs with two dashes of herb salt. If needed add a 1/4 of water at the end to get all of the cooked veggies off the bottom of the pan and it makes a richer sauce.

Trick-start veggies about fifteen minutes into the polenta and they should be done at the same time

Serve over polenta and enjoy

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