Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get the Plastic Out

Get the plastic out, it seems crazy but I am trying. I have read quite a few blogs about the subject and I am convinced to get rid of the plastic. I watched Fake Plastic Fish's video about plastic consumption and I really have not thought that far. She has been doing this actively for almost three years.
Here are a few posts to help you:
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So now you have watched her video and you feel overwhelmed at all the plastic you ARE using. Fret not, if we do this one step at a time, it will not be so difficult.
Yesterday, I took all plastic food storage containers out of my drawers. I already had a pyrex set of glass food containers. I am in the process of switching to stainless steel canteens for water. We have been using Camelback plastic containers that say no BPA, but I do not feel it is enough. I am swtiching my spices to glass containers. Bulk foods to glass containers. No, I did not go and buy a boat load, I am using my old pickle jars, pasta sauce jars and jam jars. Goo gone gets the labels and goo of and I labeled the tops of the lids. Plus if you buy bulk foods you can take your glass jars and/or drawstring bags. Have the clerk weigh them empty and add your goodies and they will deduct and charge you according to your product not your container. I have stopped using the bags at the grocery store but I do use the Trader Joes reusable plastic bags, so I guess after my dutiful dozen I need to make canvas grocery bags.

Here are my spices, I got both of these spice racks for five bucks total at a garage sale.
The spice containers, I have been collecting for awhile.
On the right I have baking soda and powder, and cornstarch all in jam jars and peanut butter jars.

These are my beans and oats in pasta sauce jars.
I still have plastic containers for my rice, noodles and flour.

If I had all the money in the world I would go out and buy new pots and pans, containers, dishes and cups all stainless steel. But I don't, so for now little by little I will get out the plastic. I am going to look on craigslist and Freecycle for free stainless steel and and make a trip or two to Goodwill and thrift stores in the area.

I had no idea how much plastic I had in my house! It is definitely a process and I am excited to see what I can do.
There are a lot of good sources out there and I will try to post what I see too.

How much plastic to you use?


lk said...

I have tried sooo hard to drink from stainless steel - I can't handle it! I don't know if it's psychological, but all I taste is metal!

I guess I use a lot of plastic containers, but I do use reusable shopping bags and I have gone from using a roll of paper towels a week to one a month. I have a ways to go :)

going kiwi said...

Good Job Lena on the paper towels. I went paperless in the kitchen and I love it. I have about fifteen cloth diapers, I use for spills and such.

I have never drank out of stainless steel yet, I love drinking out of the glass bottles and saw a girl carrying one around the other day with the little stopper on top. I might just try that one, maybe?

I am just do my best, there is A LOT of plastic out there. I mean I did not even think about their toys UGH! But I do know anything will help for sure.

BTW talked to Eric about your Mom and daughter weekend and he thought is was a great idea. I am going to try hopefully in September when we are not so busy. thanks agaain for the idea.

Brown Sugar Babies said...

I feel the same about drinking from metal - it takes like metal!!LOL ... but I do have glass jars that I keep water in, in the fridge...and my son uses the reusable steel water bottles - he loves them.

So far as getting rid of plastic - I did that years ago, but not because of the environment, LOL, because they took up too much space! I am also cheap, so I began reusing pasta jars to hold almost everything. I also found pretty glass storage containers for spaghetti, etc a couple of years ago at TARGET.

I haven't cut down on the paper towels as much ... but I have started cutting up old t shirts to use (washcloth size) as rags for around the house. I use em' and then throw them in the washer. When they get too worn, I throw them away.

going kiwi said...

I love using old jars. I am looking on craigslist for any free or super cheap kitchen stuff too. Great idea about the old t-shirts!