Monday, July 21, 2008

AIM products

I have talked a little about these great products, but I thought I would explain why I have chosen to take their products and what they done for me and my family.

First off The AIM Companies is a Christian based company and it is not a pyramid deal. The best thing is that all you have to do is become a member and you get the wholesale prices. If you refer anyone you get a referral bonus which nice and helps pay for your product. The idea of taking vitamins and supplements has always been hard for me when I know you just pee it out. Then I found out that you actually only absorb 10% of the vitamins and pee out 90%. When you are paying so much for vitamins wouldn't you like to absorb and use more of it.

The Barley Life, Just Carrots and RediBeets are all 100% dried barley grass, carrots and beets. All you do is add water and you've got juice as if you just juiced it yourself. Now you can juice if you want and I do juice occasionally but I would have to grow my own barley grass and that would be pretty time consuming, instead I decided to buy it already done. I also take the Fiberblend. This helps me get extra fiber, natural fiber, not some kind artificial supplement that will effect how I get rid of waste naturally. I also take AIMega, which is a capsule filled with essential fatty acids. Since I am nursing I need all the extra help getting enough fatty acids for me and for bub. The last thing that I take is the AIM Peak Endurance.
I drink this instead of drinking sports drinks because it has only one gram of sugar whereas Gatorade has 28 grams and Powerade has 30 grams of sugar!

Now that you know what we take as a family, I will tell you how we take it. I blend the Fiberblend with orange juice and drink it first thing in the morning. At least a half hour later I take the Garden Trio. The Garden Trio (Barley Life Xtra, Just Carrots and Redibeets) I blend with two cups of water and about five cubes of ice. It is so good and refreshing. When I drink my smoothie I take anywhere from three to six AIMega capsules. I take more because I am nursing. The AIM Peak Endurance I use before I run or after instead of Gatorade. For the kids I usually put the Barley Life, Just Carrots and Fiberblend in the smoothies in the morning and they can't even tell it is in . The Fiberblend is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach and you should wait for thirty minutes until eating anything. However I figure that the kids won't take it by itself so I put it in their smoothies. I cut a slit in the AIMega capsules and squeeze two in the kids mouths at breakfast with their smoothies.

Since I have been taking all of these wonderful products I have noticed such a difference in everything. My hair and nails are growing like weeds. I have energy and I want to eat healthy. I notice that when I run out and miss a couple days I start eating bad and feel sluggish. For the kids I know both of them have been more regular since I started giving them the Fiberblend. The Fiberblend even helped Enzo when his BM's were super loose. The natural fiber helps by making it binding when you have loose BM's. I like that the kids are getting extra veggies in their diet.

They already eat so good, before each cooked meal they have at least the size of their hand amount of raw fruit or veggies. Enzo from day one loved veggies, he will eat raw mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, avocado and black olives. Kira has taken a little more time to like all of those veggies but she will eat all of those veggies too now. The fruit smoothies that they have each morning has pineapple, strawberries, raw cashews, berries and orange juice. So I know that they are getting in their five fruits and veggies at least and if not more each day plus the Barley Life and Just Carrots add to the mix. I am so thankful that my kids eat healthy. It just amazes me how people feed their kids and wonder why they are a discipline problem, but that is a whole other topic for another day!

Anyways that is what we do and I love the AIM products and throughly believe in them. If you want to become a member go to The AIM Companies and fill in all the info and use my member number 663452 to start. If you have questions leave a comment.

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