Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sally the Sparrow

Monday night Kira and I went for a little walk and we found a sparrow laying on the sidewalk. I picked it up and brought it into our house. It had a broken wing or something.

I called the animal shelter and five phone calls later I got in touch with a gal in San Juan Capistrano that specializes in taking care of hurt sparrows and hummingbirds. She was not going to be able to take the bird until today late afternoon. She told me how to feed our new little friend.
I mashed up hard boiled egg yolk with a little water and fed her with her beak open. We put her into a shoe box in the laundry room. Kira was so very excited about the sparrow. She named her Sally. It was so sweet to see how concerned she was for the bird. She kept saying that Sally lost her mommy. She was reassuring Sally that we were taking care of her now and that everything would be alright. Enzo of course just wanted to poke the poor little bird, so we kept him far away.
Then to melt my heart more, when we did prayers at bedtime she prayed for Sally that she would sleep good and feel better. We took care of her until 4:30 and drove her over to the bird lady. She was very nice and gave Kira a children's book that she wrote. So needless to say Kira had an adventurous day.

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