Monday, July 7, 2008

Organization is the Key

We have been at my parents house now for a month. In our bedroom, we still had about five boxes that had not been emptied and put away, up until today!!. I finally feel as though we are getting settled. With all of our appointments and commitments it has been hard trying to get everything organized. Thursday I had a mental breakdown and was feeling very overwhelmed and needed to regroup. I canceled Enzo's appointment and got our "house" in order. As of today our room is completely put away and organized except for on box and it is Eric's stuff that he needs to go through.

In our living room, we have three small boxes that need to be sorted through. I re-packed a box of toys because I realized we had too many toys out and it was overwhelming the kids and they were not playing with anything because there were too many choices. Now that half of the toys are gone they are actually playing in our living room. I feel so much better.

I also started a Home Management Notebook and a homemaking journal and a planner for the unplanned. I love journaling and I know I do better when I write down my thoughtsjournalunplanned planner

and get them out of my head. So far I have really enjoyed using the planner and the journal. The home management notebook is still in the works of being put together. I do like the idea of having everything in a hard copy accessible to both Eric and I. I know sometimes he asks where certain paperwork is and now it will all be in one spot or it will direct him to it.

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Kelley said...

My home notebook from Simple Mom has REALLY helped me. I LOVE her "Daily Docket" form. Sorry we passed at church. Miss seein' you guys.