Monday, July 21, 2008

Seeing Results

Today for the first time in over two weeks Enzo had a normal BM!!! It was not full of mucous and stinky beyond belief, but a normal BM. Praise the Lord. We have been gluten free for four days since the Wahoo's incident.

That night Enzo had a 103 degree temperature and I gave him the AIM's Garden trio (barley grass, beet and carrot juice) and avocado and about ten rice noodles. He slept through the night with getting up only once to nurse. The next morning he was fine, however Saturday Kira had the 103.5 degree temperature and I did the same thing as I did with Enzo. I gave her smoothie consisting of pineapple, strawberries, raw cashews and orange juice with the barley grass and carrots in it too. I usually sneak it in her smoothie because she is still not totally hip to drinking it straight. Her temperature went down by midnight that night. In both cases I did not give them any Tylenol or fever reducer.

The more I read about fevers the more I do not want to give them anything. It is okay for the body to get hot, it is it's natural way of defending itself. Now do not get me wrong if they were throwing up continuously or having extreme diarrhea then I would take then to the doctor. But when I am constantly monitoring their temperatures and hydration, I would rather let their bodies heal themselves. Mary-Ann Shearers talks about how to deal with childhood sickness in her book Healthy Kids; The Natural Way. In this book she talks about pregnancy, birth control, immunizations, feeding a baby, toddler, elementary, junior high and high school kids. It is an encyclopedia of sorts for raising kids. I refer to it often.

So back to the fever issue, I was wondering maybe this was a bug of some kind and he does not have Celiac disease. I googled fevers and CD and from what I read it is very common for someone with CD to have a high fever after eating gluten when they are on a gluten free diet. Which totally explains Enzo and Kira's temperatures. Plus last night Kira had the biggest BM I have ever seen come out of a little girl. But it was a healthy BM, a healthy BM should be the diameter of your finger and should be a "S" shape. You should not strain or be in any pain while having your BM. I never knew that and most people I do not think do either. So being off gluten has totally helped Kira too.

I know I feel better, I am not craving foods as much. We went to breakfast with the WHOLE family (fourteen of us!) Sunday and everyone was ordering pancakes and sticky buns and all of these rich dishes and it just did not sound good to me. I honestly did not want to go out for breakfast at all. I really enjoy my morning smoothie for breakfast. So I ordered eggs and bacon with home fries. My eggs were cold, which for me is the worst, and the bacon was so greasy it made my stomach hurt. Needless to say I was not impressed with going out to eat, but that is an entire blog in itself for another day.

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