Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summertime Plans

 With summer coming up I was wondering what everyone is planning or not planning to do. I love getting ideas for the kids and keeping them busy and enjoying the weather.
I am excited about three major things happening this summer

#1 My sister and her family are arriving on Saturday from New Zealand!!!! They are staying for eight weeks!

#2 We are ALL, twenty of us, going to Disneyland and Club 33 on Fourth of July

#3 We are ALL,  twenty five of us, going on an Alaskan Cruise at the end of July for a week

These are all very exciting events that we are counting down to. This morning Kira asked when NZ cousins were going to be here again and I thought why not make a calendar for the summer and show all of our events. That will be the craft of the day.

With my new job I needed to find a babysitter for the kids for a couple hours during the week when I have to leave early and Eric is not home yet. Through our church I was connected with two gals who are both staying the summer here. One gal came yesterday while I had computer training at the restaurant. The kids LOVED her! It was so nice walking up to the house and watching them playing Simon Says on the lawn. She told me "your kids are really good" with a huge smile. I love hearing that especially with someone new! Then when she left Kira asked if she was going to come back the next time I went to work. It is always good to have a sitter that both the kids and parents like! And she did not break the bank!

So the other plan I have for the summer is swim lessons. Since I was on the swim team in high school and love to swim, I thought why pay someone to teach my kids how to swim when I can. I asked our new favorite gal if she would be willing to join us at the pool once or twice a week while I teach one kid and she can watch the other. This will be so much cheaper than swim lessons and so rewarding to teach them one more thing. She was all about it.

That is what we are doing this summer, what are you up to?

Kira wanted to pose too

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