Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diet and Exercise

Okay it is official, I am finally down to pre-baby weight before Kira. I can say it is official because I have maintained this weight for about a month now. Since going off all animal product mid-February, I have lost about eight pounds. I feel great. I am eating all day long yummy fruit and veggies. I do not count calories, points, fat or any of that. I eat about every two to three hours. It is easy and fun with the kids. I know what is going into my body and my family's. I spend less time in the kitchen cooking and more time with my family. I have reduced my grocery bill too!

Now with that being said, to be totally honest I have not "exercised" at all. What I mean is I have not done an actual exercise program. There are the normal day to day exercises, walking to the park, downtown and daily stuff, but no real routine. These results are all based off my diet! I felt I was pretty healthy to begin with. Also I have not completely cut out all oils either. I am slowly working on that. I cooked a whole meal without adding any oil and Eric loved it and did not even notice the difference. I am curious about salad dressings though and making a good one without oil.

Okay you are probably wondering how everyone has dealt with all of the change. It took about a week to de-program my kids from asking for things. I really tried to rely on the positive instead of what they could not have. If they asked for foods that we were not eating, I would say "Oh, look you can have a yummy banana, apple or big raisins" I would point out how delicious the food is, the colors, the tastes, the smell and how good they feel eating this way.

Yes, it is hard work! It was so hard going gluten free. It was so hard going dairy free. It was kind of hard going animal free. Was it hard work delivering an almost nine pound baby sunny side up naturally? Heck yeah, but I would not change that experience for the world! I love my kids and I want to ensure the best health possible. I know by putting in the effort I have reaped the benefits a hundred fold. Nothing is easy and there are no magic pills.

Is it hard now? No, I think it is easier now than ever. Meals are easy, menu planning is a breeze and meal time is a joy. I do not fight my kids at dinnertime. What? Really? Unheard of with preschoolers. I know what they will eat and what they will not. I make sure to have at least one thing that they love in our meals. For instance, Kira is my salad eater, so I make sure I have salad at lunch and dinner for her. Enzo will eat all of the components of the salad just not tossed together, that's easy, I make a plate of all the salad goodies and a dollop of hummus to dip. If she just eats huge salad full of spinach, avocados, tomatoes and cucumber for dinner I am fine with that. You have to remember we are eating every two to three hours, so a huge dinner is not really needed.

I know my kids are happy, healthy and thriving. I feel great. I am so appreciative that Eric is supportive and honest. If I cook something and he does not like it, he tells me and I make a note of it. I have an amazing family and I am thankful that they are who they are. I would not trade all of the allergies for anything. I am glad I was forced into some of the changes and so glad I stumbled on the other reasons for change. It was not an overnight revelation but rather a journey, a lifestyle.


gwenslo said...

uh, what are you going to do when your kids go off to a friends house for some good old french fries and a cheese burger?

lk said...

salad dressing: flaxseed oil + unfiltered apple cider vinegar = yum!
Your body probably needs some oils for your heart health <3

going kiwi said...

When we go for a playdate or to a birthday party I make sure to ask the mom what she is serving. I will make the allergy free version. That way the kids do not feel left out. Kira never really liked cheeseburgers anyways. Plus she know how cheese makes her feel and shutters when she hears the word. The kids are aware of their allergies and know how eating certain food effects them. I just have to think ahead.