Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Proverbs 31- Uprightness

I have always loved the Proverbs 31 woman. I have read books on her and felt inspired to take a deeper look on my own. I know a lot of women feel intimitaded by her and feel that they could never live up to the standard she left. I do not not think God wants us to feel that way. He obviously wants us to learn from her and not feel daunted by her. To be encouraged by her and strive to have her characteristics. I know quite a few women who strive to be like her and by no means are they her. No one could on their own accord, however with the grace of God we can aspire to be our own version of her. Hopefully this series will bless you and encourage you as it has encouraged me. I plan to take it verse by verse and give a modern look to it.

Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies

Virtuous is such a fabulous word and here are some Strong's Concordance Hebrew references.

When looking at the specific word "virtuous" for this particular verse I found these:

1. Virtue
2. Uprightness
3. Integrity
4. Fitness

Without writing down all the dictionary definitions, I want to explore how we as women can be the virtuous women God wants us to be. Taking one word at a time.

Honesty is an important character. I think honesty is something so many people lack in the day and age. Right now with Kira and Enzo, I am having a difficult time teaching them the importance of honesty. They are more concerned with not disappointing me or having consequences then telling me the truth. I think we are the same no matter what age we are. We are afraid to disappoint others. We tell a little "white lie" that seems to not hurt anyone directly but it does in the end. I have been trying to teach them about the trust that is broken when the kids lie. It makes me sad when they lie. How much more does it make Our Father in Heaven sad when we lie. It is in our nature and I understand that but we can train ourselves to be truthful. We will see consequences when we are honest. Maybe initally it will be unwanted consequences but as we get in the habit of being truthful we will enforce our ability to be trusted. Trusted with matters we would never imagine to be trusted with.

Now I am not talking about being brutally honest here people. Like when your girlfriend asks if the jeans make her look fat and you reply " Of course!" I am talking about being as the word says upright. Stand tall and vertical in what you say and do.

How can you be more upright in your life as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and woman?

Do you struggle with honesty?

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