Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Is Just a Season

It is just a season, you may have heard this before. It is my mantra on somedays. Somehow it gives me peace during certain times with my kids. It helps me appreciate the season I am in with them. If I look at the "problems or issues" that I am experiencing in parenthood with this outlook it does not seems so bad. It puts things into perspective. I see the glass as half full or all the way full instead of glooming and grumbling about.

I LOVE....

Enzo coming to my room in the middle of the night to snuggle,

hearing his sweet voice sing "I have to go to the bathroom",

Kira wanting me to "paint" her face or make a garden on her back at bedtime to relax her,

Kira asking me about when I was little,

cutting their nails and remembering when they were newborns and being afraid to cut them,

making EVERY meal and hearing them say "Thank you mama for delicious food",

hearing "Mama, please HHHelp me with this",

reading bedtime stories and Enzo flopping around on the bed trying to get comfortable,

asking Enzo why he is so cute and him replying "Because yes",

and I absolutely love when they say out of no where

"Mama, I love you"

It is all just a season and if I do not pay attention it will be over.

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Linda Z said...

So very true... and our attitudes and seeing the good makes such a big difference. I love the way that you "draw are garden" on your kids' backs. That is so cute! :)