Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Wonderful Miracle

I was working on my cookbook,
the kids were listening to a audio book and playing quietly,
I look over and see Enzo actually using his left hand to pick up a Magna-Tile
and was using "Lefty" to actively holding the tile and placing it next to another one that "Righty" had.
I started tearing up
God is so good!
He is answering our prayers that Enzo would use his left side without any persuasion.

Enzo playing with Magna-Tiles
Notice his left hand is holding the triangle up!

Here he is working midline!

Just being shy now because he saw the camera but still using both hands

God is mighty and wonderful
He is healing our little bub
It is amazing to watch Him work.
Thank you Jesus!


Linda Z said...

Praise God! That is wonderful, Keilah! :)

Rogers Camp said...

Yay for Enzo! It's nice to know someone else who knows all about the "midline." I know we are always hearing about it in our OT sessions and it makes me totally happy when Simon does things midline:)