Sunday, June 29, 2008

Five Year Anniversary

So Thursday night we (meaning I) made reservations at Madonna Inn's Gold Rush Steak House. It was so delicious and pink!
We went there five years ago for my birthday and it was fantastic. First course we orderd a cheese plate. I asked the waitress (now I am a waitress so I use both terms food server and waiter/waitress) if it was enough to share and she almost laughed at me but said yes. She brings it out and she was not kidding. It had four different cheeses and to huge chunks of each kind and it was only $10.95. The stilton blue cheese was a enormous wedge about two and a half inches wide and five inches long and there were two of them! Yummy. We chipped away at the the starter but were unable to finish it. We then proceeded to order dinner. Eric ordered the Filet and I ordered the Lobster. I know I went big, but only because Eric said I could. It was the best lobster I have ever had and his filet was perfect too. There was a band playing and we danced to one song and it was so sweet and romantic. Then our server brought out the Pink Champagne Cake....ohhhh yeah.Now if you know me, I love to eat and I love to eat really good food and 90% of the time I am very healthy, but on my anniversary I went for it and with no regrets. Dinner was sensational. Eric swears it is the best steak he has ever had and let me tell you he has had his share of good steaks.

The other best part of the date was that since we were planning on going camping this weekend, I forgot about going out for dinner and did not pack anything nice. So my sweetie said I could get an outfit...I really did forget. So I went to one of my favorite bargain stores Ross. I love Ross and there is a reason it is called Ross, dress for less. I found the cutest white dress with green big flowers outlined in black on the skirt and comfy but stylish black sandals for $30.02. What a bargain. I love a good deal and a good deal that does not take all day to find. I was in and out of there in less than thirty minutes.

Anyways the date was wonderful and I brought up the question of what were five "highlights" in the last five years. It was kind of cheesy at first but then it got fun bringing up one highlight and sparking another. A few good highlights were as follows in no particular order:

The Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi at The Beach House in Kauai on our honeymoon.

The birth of Kira and Enzo.

The fact that I caught Enzo when giving birth to him, oh yeah talk about amazing.

My birthday when we went to Pismo beach for lunch and drove up to the top of the mountain range overlooking San Luis Obispo county and then went to Madonna Inn.

Our trip to New Zealand.

Our camping trip to Plasket Creek.

Our camping trip to Catalina Island with Kira when she was three months old.

Those are just a few but it was fun to relive those moments.

What are some of your highlights of being married? Obviously the birth of your children, if you have any, but anything more specific? Let me know.

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