Friday, June 13, 2008


I have had such a great time getting into this whole blogging thing. There are a few blogs that I have started to read on a regular basis and I love what these ladies have to say. Owlhaven is great and I love her style of writing. She has TEN kids and is amazing. Simple mom is another great site. She has inspired me to journal again. Not just a prayer journal, I already try to do that with my devotion but a daily journal of life. Meaning just write a little note of things that occurred during the day. She had a link to a beautiful site Holy Experience and she has a visual homemaking journal that is gorgeous and peaceful to look at.

So I went to Micheal's and bought a blank journal, (I used a gift card if you are thinking about my recent post about consumerism). I cut out pictures from magazines that were laying around. I cut out about twenty or so with the idea I will not always be able to clip and paste that day. So why not make this process easy and have an arrangement of pictures to choose from daily. I want to document what the kids are doing. I started last night with an entry about the kids. It was great because I wrote what Enzo did in therapy and what type of sentences Kira is saying. I wish I would have thought to journal Enzo's progress...oh well. I know I was so overwhelmed in the beginning I do not think I would have had time to.

Well I am excited to write again and get some of the random thoughts down, we will see how it goes.

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