Monday, June 2, 2008

We Moved!!

It is official, we have moved from our apartment and into my parents place. Whoa, am I tired. We started moving on Thursday and took our last load this morning. I did not think that it would take this long, however with two kids and a weekend job, man did it take forever. If it was not for my mom watching the kids the majority of the time it would have taken even longer. I had to work Friday and Saturday night so I could only do so much. I am pooped.
Yesterday when Eric and I were making our second to last trip I asked him what he had learned from this move, besides the fact that we have way too much stuff. He replied, "I have learned not to take anything free from someone just because it is free and not to get things to fix up if you you don't have the means or the time to do so. Isn't that the truth! So often I will take things people are giving away because, first I don't have it and I "might" need it and second I think it is a bargain, free does not necessarily mean free. Especially when you are paying almost $200 a month for a storage space for stuff that you do not really need and was at first free but now has cost you way more in time and energy.
I am ready to just give away everything. I know there are people that could be using these items that really need them and can not afford them. This next week I am continuing the purging of my "stuff". I would love to know how the non-pack rat lives. Or if there was an efficient way of going through things and keeping what is important not necessarily everything.

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