Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We are leaving tonight for the Central Coast and I am so excited. We have not all been up to SLO since last year for Eric's sister's wedding. Kira is ecstatic to see cousins Hobie and Zoe, Eric's brothers kids. She talks about them almost everyday. Eric and I are going to go out for our five year anniversary tomorrow night and Grandparents are watching the kids. That reminds me to make reservations somewhere swanky. Then Friday and Saturday we are camping with four other families up in San Simeon. They are all friends of Eric's from high school. I am so looking forward to making family memories and having fun. We went to Plasket Creek, in Big Sur, two years ago with Kira and it was a blast. Yes of course it is hard to camp with little ones, however if you do not do when they are young then you will probably always put it off until they are older, whenever that is. We will be back on Monday most likely.

On a funny note, when we drive up to SLO it is about a five hour drive. However if Eric drives it can take longer. He likes to stop and get coffee or snacks but never in a timely manner. It is usually right after the kids fall asleep and the they wake up thinking that we are there....Argh.
When I drive it is just go and do not stop unless maybe one potty break or dirty diaper change. That is why we drive at night. We are leaving around 7:00 or 8:00 pm and I will drive to begin and let Eric sleep since he worked today and I already had a little nap.

Okay, I am off to pack and to have a blast!!

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