Sunday, June 29, 2008


Friday night Eric and I take Kira to the movies for the first time (with us, she went with Mimi before). We went to Paso Robles Cinema downtown. I got the small special popcorn/drink/candy combo, that came with the jumbo Wall-e cup and bucket. Perfect for the beach or sandbox. What a cute movie, Kira loved it. She sat down between us and we gave her a little portion of popcorn** and she was so thrilled. All I will say about the movie is the first half I started getting worried that the only dialogue was going to "Wall-e" and "Eve". Don't worry folks it isn't the case there are other people in the movie and they talk. It was really funny, adult funny and kid funny. She has been talking about and imitating Eve since then. I would suggest the movie and probably at matinee.

**Disclaimer: When I said that I gave Kira popcorn I just want everyone to know that I watched her like a hawk to make sure she was eating it slowly and with only one piece at a time. Robby, Eric's brother, who is a fireman went on a call to the movie theatre where a two/three year old choked and died on popcorn. So I want everyone to know that I am very careful with her and popcorn and you should be too with your kids. Thanks.

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