Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 11

Today was a great day. There was no work for Eric today so he had a surprise day off. Not so good money wise but good family wise. He organized the garage even more. I love that he likes to organize just as much as I do! We went to the park together after lunch. The kids just loved having dad around. We watched some cartoons together. Played music together, Kira was playing really good on my Djembe (Drum). She does not just pound on it as she used to. She is actually getting a rhythm down. I got out my Clarinet the other night and she was making really good sounds with it to not just squeaking. I am going to have to reteach myself by teaching her.

Spending: nothing



Raisins and almonds

Turkey Roll-ups with apple and chips

They did not want one
Just wanted some water after the park

Poor Man's Meal for Eric, Enzo and I
Baked potato for Kira

I made generic fruity pebble marshmallow treat for Eric and I.
Like a Rice Krispie but GF. Because even though Rice Krispies are made of RICE they have malt super duper lame. So you can make them from Rice Chex smashed or Fruity Pebbles and it is super sweet. Oh my goodness, I think my teeth hurt it is so sweet, not really but you get the point.
Must go and eat my third or fourth one today, okay who am I kidding it is more like my fifth ;)

I am starting my P90X on Monday so don't get flustered. Let me binge and I will straighten right up:)

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