Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 18-28 Days of Nothing

I was motivated to get things done today and almost accomplished everything. Except laundry, maybe tomorrow.
Kids are feeling good and noses are running from detoxing from dairy. Kira is having better BM's and Enzo is happier. We are grazing more throughout the day and I think his blood sugar levels are staying more even. We are eating every two hours and I think we will have to continue with that to make him stay happy.

I am having to reevaluate of food situation and be prepared for eating this way. I know I feel so much better eating this way and it is easier. We have a smoothie or fresh fruit for breakfast. Snack on fruit throughout the day. Have a large plate of veggies and hummus for lunch a little bit of cooked veggies. Snack more on fruit between mealtime. For dinner we have been doing salad and baked potatoes or cooked veggies too. I love that the kids like the same thing over and over and it makes it easier to plan food.

I am trying to give them two options for snacks, clementines or bananas.
I found out our neighbors orange tree no one is picking it. I picked about ten yesterday and there are about thirty to forty more waiting to be picked. I am going to get a ladder and pick them today. I cut off the peel and put in the fridge. I figure if I have a too many I will blend and freeze it like oj. What a cheaper way to add to our smoothies.

Spending: Trader Joe's $39.01 Fruit and veggies

That brings our total grocery spending to $293.60
Well I am over by about $114. That is a lot and I am bummed but like I said we were not planning on having dietary issues. So there you go unexpected expenses, to funny.
Hopefully next month I can be more exact on my budgeting. I think we might have to up the grocery allowance but in the long run we won't be paying for health bills because we are healthy for our diet/eating lifestyle.
** I have changed my monthly allowance for food to $400, it is more realistic and everything I had read says so. updated 3/1/10**
Fruit Smoothie and I have been using less than normal on the fruit and adding ice to make it go a little farther.

Clementines and Bananas

Veggie Faces with hummus
Tomato soup and two corn tortillas each kid

nuts and bananas

Salad and Baked Potatoes with Broccoli.
Red Bell Pepper sauce and Hummus on potatoes instead of sour cream

I actually have lost a little weight. I was not meaning to but it is always a nice bonus. I miss my coffee, more for the ritual of it, smell, taste and warmth. Not so much having any caffeine withdrawals but missing the ritual.

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