Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 20

Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather. I guess it was supposed to rain but it clearly did not. I truly just enjoyed the kids and played and did some dishes but that was it.

I did start sewing this awesome picnic blanket for my friend's wedding gift. I had got discounted vinyl tablecloth with a fabric backing that has a pink background with small brown polka dots all over. That will be the side touching the grass. Then for the top, it is a brown background with large geometric flowers in pink, yellow and turquoise and such. All of their favorite colors. It was a little hard because of the stickiness of the fabric. But I think it will turn out good. I am going to fix one seam and straighten it out more tomorrow. I love making people gifts so much more than just buying it. Mainly, because it is more personal and one of a kind and secondly because it cheaper. When I am finished I will post pictures.

Spending: nothing





Baked Potatoes and Salad

We grazed all day on fruit and everyone was really good.

I was so thankful, I talked to Eric about going more vegetarian eating and he was totally on board. I told him I would still buy his lunch items but everything else would be vegetarian and the occasion Tuesday night with meat for the neighbors meal. He was so sweet and told me whatever we need to do for the kids diet to do. He has done a vegetarian diet before. This way I will be able to keep our grocery bill down by not having to buy both types of food. I'll be meal planning and figuring out how what I need to buy and list it all. I am nerdy list maker and number cruncher, so that should be fun.
Tonight, Eric is with a good friend and I am watching t.v. and being Miss Blogs-a-lot ;) Enjoy your Sunday.

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