Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 24

Today was great. We went to the park and met friends and played for about three hours. Then came home to have cousins come over to play for about an hour and a half. What a fun day. My uncle flew in tonight and tomorrow we go to Disneyland!!! Our last time before our annual passes expire and we have to start paying for Enzo too. So I am not spending on tickets ;)

Best news of the day....I got a serger! My dearest friend has a serger and I asked if she was selling it and if so how much. My sweet, sweet girl told me that I could have it on two conditions: First if she needed something made I would make it. Check. Secondly, if she ever decided to get back into sewing and wanted it back we would go halves on a new one for her or something to that effect. Check.

Sweet as!! I have a serger and I can now make professional products and get my Etsy store going!!! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks but if you can't tell I am ecxited!!! What an answer to prayer and a confirmation to do what I have wanted to do from my home and bring in more income. Thank you Lord Jesus.

So stoked.

Spending: Nada

Fruit smoothies and rice bread toast for the kiddos with cocnut oil on them instead of butter

Big Raisins-Dates

2 bananas and rice crackers-Kira
Tomatoes, pine nuts and rice crackers-Enzo

I kept asking the kids throughout the day if they wanted a snack or fruit or if they were hungry and they always replied nope, not hungry. So I figured the grow spurt is gone and they are back to eating normal.

1/2 Avocado each
Rice noodles with Marinara sauce

They had baths and were in bed and out by 7:00. It was a full day and it will be another full day tomorrow, can't wait

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Linda Z said...

Hope you have an amazing Disney day!

And how fun you got a serger! There are just some things you can't do without them! :)