Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 7- 28 Days of Nothing

Week One is finished! Not too bad, not too bad. I am excited because we filed for our taxes and are getting a hefty sum. This last year was the least we have made but the biggest return.

Today we went to early service, 9:00 and came home right after. I decided to sew a dress/shirt for me. I say that because I have not decided what length to make it. I would love to a summer type dress but I am not sure about how it will look. I am using a tutorial for a nightie. I changed it a little and used interfacing on the chest piece, so it was not see through and had more sturdiness to it. The straps I made are two inches wide. But the body I will have to line it or make a snazzy dress slip, which would be fun. I am not sure about the body of the dress, because it is not fitted. It is very sundressy and no real form. I guess I could get a big, wide, red belt and sinch it. Is that look still in style?? The fabric is an awesome white background with cherry blossoms in light pink and red spread out and about two inches big each. Super girlie and soft. Where the tutorial added rick rack I put a red gross grain ribbon and top stitched with red thread. I got the fabric as a fat quarter a year ago for $3 or $4 bucks. So that would be cool to have made a sassy $5 dress. Again I would post a picture but camera is dead. Maybe I can get a cheap one with a smidge of the tax money.....humm probably not but it was fun to dream.

Question for you all:
Should I make an ebook of recipes? My mom and sister seem to think I should write a cookbook, however who knows if anyone would even buy it. If I did I would probably make a GF version and nonGF, maybe. Would you buy it for $8-$10?
Please give me feedback either way. Thanks.

Spending: $4.99 Guar Gum for my GF recipes. I finally ran out of my Xanthan Gum that I bought over a year ago. That stuff lasts forever. However, when I went to New Frontiers(local health food store) It was $15 for Xanthan Gum or $4.99 for Guar Gum. You know my choice, but really $15 for this stuff? Not gunna do it, it wouldn't be prudent at this juncture.

Old reliable, Cold cereal

Snack: at church

Pasta for the kids
Veggie Fried Rice(me)
Top Ramen (Eric)

Raisins and Almonds

Corn Chowder
Homemade Bread, see recipe below

I was inspired by my sweet Clara, Great Depression Cooking, with making bread. She made bread with a bag of flour and a thing of yeast and water. How easy is that? SO there has to be an easy GF bread recipe, there HAS to be one. Well, I made one up and it turned out pretty tasty.

Almond Bread
2 cups raw almonds
1 cup Rice flour
1 Tb yeast
1 Tb Guar Gum
1 Tb Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Cup warm water

In my Vitamix I blended the almonds until it was crumbly flour. Don't worry about getting all of the almonds perfectly blended because the little chucks give it a great whole grain bread taste. It started to stick and I stopped the blender. Combine the almond and rice flour in the bowl of Kitchen-aid stand up mixer. Add everything but the water. Turn mixer on low and slowly add the water until thick paste/dough like. Mix on medium speed for three minute. In a greased bread pan add dough. Let rise for one hour. Preheat oven at 450. When done rising, put in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. It will brown fairly quick, you can lightly cover with foil after 15-20 minute if you want. It will be a little on the denser side but it is goooooooood! It does not need butter, but a little does taste good. Okay for all you protein people, here is a loaf of bread with 48 grams of protein. Split four ways, that is 12 grams of protein per serving. Sweet, enjoy!

My husband just called my Miss Blogs-a-lot, I better go.

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