Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 13 Not Really Nothing

Today I had a friend from church come over for lunch and had a nice time of fellowship. The church was putting on a Parent's Night Out and for $2 a kid they would watch the kids from 5:30 to 8:00. It was a pajama, pizza party. I made GF pizza for the kids and took them over. We decided to stay home and have a nice date night dinner here.

We splurged but time. We could have eaten out for three times as much but I bought all the fixings for a dinner at home instead. I felt a little guilty but we never go out on dates, so I am working on getting over it.

Spending:$50, I know it was a lot but if you figure we were to have a real babysitter come for 2 1/2 hours at $9 a hour that comes out to $22.50 then we would have had only $27.50 left for Denny's. So I did splurge but I am glad we did for the time that we had.




Fruit salad-my friend brought
green salad and baked potatoes

nibbled on pizza

GF Pizza for the kids

Shallot Crusted Steak with Blue Cheese butter and Mushrooms
New Potatoes with fresh herbs
made with butter, butter and more butter.

As we ate, I asked Eric if it was good and he said it was better than the restaurant that I used to work at....because it was made with love. Ahhhh! So sweet.

I asked if his steak was cooked right and he said perfect, with a big sigh of relief I told him it was the first steak I have ever cook. I have cooked slices of meat but never a steak so I was happy.

It was yummy and intimate. I picked up the kids and they had a blast too.

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Linda Z said...

So glad you guys had an awesome time!! Wasn't it good to have some alone time!! :)