Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 16

Had a great sunny, HOT day. We made birthday countdown calendars, because Kira has been asking when her birthday is coming. So she drew a great birthday cake and I made it into a calendar and we will cross out days as we go. 30 days until Enzo's three and 44 days until she is five. Really? My baby is going to be, hold you hand up and count um, five. I have 44 days to deal with it.

Spending: $20 for the haircut that I have been waiting for, yeah. I will post pics tomorrow.

Yellow and white eggs and tortillas




BBQ Chicken, potato salad and bread for the guys.

So Kira was complaining her tummy hurt this morning. I don't get it, she eats really good but is still having problems with her BM's. So Eric and I agreed to take her off Casein for a longer period to see how her skin clears up and her BM's start working. So today we did mainly veggies and fruit except for dinner. I made the bbq sauce from scratch and the kids loved it because it was not spicy. She started to feel better after a couple hours but we are going to continue for at least two weeks of 75% fruit and veggies.

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