Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3

"Happy Wind-sday!" I love Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.
"It is just a gentle spring zephyr" as Owl says.

Spending: $2.50
We had to go to the bank and we took the bus downtown. $1.25 each way. I used my change, so does that count? :) Of course it counts but it does not feel like it does.

Cold cereal and soy milk
Oatmeal and Coffee (me)

Snack: we missed because we were on the bus.

Bean Burritos with leftover beans from last night.
Tostadas, basically an open faced bean burrito with all the fixins from last night.(me)

Popcorn and juice

Poorman's Meal

Oh, does she remind me of my great grandma Marcie, who lived to be 103. She was amazing. She lived through the depression too. I remember watching her make biscuits and after she rolled out the dough and cut it out, she would brush the leftover flour back in the flour bag. Still many years after living through the depression, she still cooked and lived frugally. What an impression she had on me.

She was a fireball. She started drinking coffee at such a young age. She loved her coffee. When she was younger, her and her husband made an agreement. She was not going to drink coffee and my Grampy was not going to chew tobacco. As I remember it a few days went by and they did pretty good. Then one day, he came home and gave her a kiss and she smelled tobacco on his breath. She calmly got up and made a pot of coffee and drank it. He knew and they never talked about it they just continued on in their silent agreement. She drank her coffee and he chewed his tobacco.

Oh! How I love that story. I miss her dearly but will never forget all the stories and sweet memories.

So this gal who does Great Depression Cooking is a little like her with her stories and such. I hope you enjoy her video.


Kristen said...

Thanks for the video. My grandmother used to make something very similar to that and I loved it. I used to go over to her house every week for dinner and would always request that. I didn't know it was something that other people made :)

Linda Z said...

Oh, that's such a cute story, Keilah. :)

Tenery said...

Oh that Clara. how did you find that? she is adorable and i also have fond memories of my grandma being a little like that. I'm totally gonna do that dinner. do you buy nitrate free dogs? i haven't bought hot dogs in 3 years. Keep up the good work keeping those dollars down. Pass any tips and tricks my way.

lk said...

Hey Keilah, I checked out your blog (love it!) and I can't stop watching Clara clips on You Tube now - she's so cute! Have you seen this site/blog
you might like it :)
- Lena