Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 4 -28 Days of Nothing

My dryer is hooked up and have been doing laundry since last night. We had an electric dryer but this house has only gas hookups and I have been without a dryer since we moved in. I borrowed my neighbor's last week for four loads. It helped and I did the necessities but sheets needed to be changed and before I knew it I was twelve loads deep! AHHH! We don't even have that many clothes but it was all of the bedding, rugs, table clothes and napkins, cleaning rags and such that have been piling up.

I am in the process of switching to a paper free kitchen. This means cloth napkins, cleaning towels etc. Instead of paper towels and paper napkins which are expensive and not to mention the trash that they make. I like it better. I have cloth diapers that are leftover from the kids, that I used for basic wiping up messes. I also have quite a few red napkins that I had from past restaurant jobs that never made it back, Sorry. The kids like them better and actually have asked for them when I have handed them the paper ones. Fine by me.

So there is a little more laundry than usual and hopefully I will get it all done tonight. I have been good and putting them away as I go. This normally does not happen, I will be good and fold it all but put it in a basket and hope that it will put itself away, I guess. Then it never makes it there and ends up shuffling from the basket to the floor and back into the basket to be washed. I am trying.

Spending: $5.37 for toilet paper and dish soap. I was so excited toilet paper was half price at Albertson's.


Cold Cereal-Kira
Hot Cereal-Enzo I take boiling water and add rice flour to make "cream of rice"
Frozen Homemade Waffles and coffee (me)

Ants on a log

Grape Tomatoes
Bean Burritos and sour cream


Baked Potatoes and Salad

My neighbor has a great little garden and keeps on giving me Arugula. I love it.
I just add a little to my romaine lettuce and it makes the best salad.

I am selling the rest of my cloth diapers tonight for $45, sweet as.
I had some one call about my espresso machine but when I returned her call, she did not call back. Craigslist is sometimes annoying because people are so flaky. Oh well I should not complain, I sold one item. I also just got my Dave Ramsey Book in the mail and I am starting to read it tonight.

Also Eric is almost done with our taxes. Looks like we will get a nice return. We get an $800 credit just for having a jobs last year, really?!?

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Tenery said...

i am inspired by you and your thrifyness. however, using paper napkins is another thing. i do use cloth dish towels and we don't really use paper plates and i try to recycle any paper towels i use. hmmm..... i will think more. good job, not spending. my spending, much lower than it use to be and the target runs have been cut to once a month. but honestly, you know what got me to cut spending...? i'm too lazy to put stuff away after i buy it or possibly have to return it is a whole 'nother trip i don't like doing. that has really worked for me. so I claim the lazy card, thank you very much.