Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 23

We took the train down and it was a long but good trip. Enzo had woke up at 3:30am and did not go back to sleep until 5:00 and I had to wake him up at 5:45 to leave for the train station. He was really good up until we hit the Santa Ana station two stations away, the last thirty minutes. I tried to get him to relax and try to nap a little but that did not happen. Of course on the car ride home he was out. He napped for about thirty minutes (I did too) and we were all happier. They were so excited to be at Mimi, Papa and Aunt B's house. We went to Wal Mart(I will discuss in a moment) and when we got home Aunt Barabara was home. I told the kids Aunt B was home and Kira says "She is my favorite...my favorite B." So sweet. When we were in the car Enzo looks around and said "Where is Andy?" I said "Do you mean Papa Andy?" He replies "Oh yes, Papa Andy" They are so darn cute. I finally got then down for bed, we were all wound up.

It is always nice to be at my second home. We are having a play date with friends tomorrow rain or shine.

So you are wondering Wal Mart huh? How did she survive Wal Mart? Well with flying colors. My relatives came to visit and they did not bring enough luggage. So I went to Wal Mart and pick up some "luggage" wink, wink. I only spent $7.37. I went in with blinder on and was focused to get to where I needed to go and get out! It was so hard at first because we walked right by the toy section and I thought for sure the kids would want something and ask. Nope, not even a sigh. They were great. I definitely love roaming around Wal Mart or Traget and just see what is new and what I could possibly want, because if I needed it it would be on the list, right? Anyways, I was good and went in and out.

This was a harder month than I thought it would be. I have really struggled with buying stuff. Especially when our tax return came in. I am going to admit and show my humanness. I went to the fabric store and bought fabric. Everything was 50% off and that is why I am going to justify it. I sat there and actually applied my monthly budget to everything and it fell in place but I was feeling guilty. I bought fabric for Kira's Clothes-2 dresses, Cloth Napkins, zipper for my new dress and fabric for another wedding gift. I guess I felt like it was not essential but everything but the gift are. Kira is growing and we do not get hand-me-downs like we are blessed with Enzo. So I have decided to make her 2 playtime dresses. This girl loves dresses. Instead of buying paper napkins I have changed to cloth napkins and I love it. I just throw them in with the kitchen towels and go. I love using cloth napkins I feel like we are having a fancy dinner every night. Well, I am sorry that I did not tell you all when I did it. I guess I felt justified and I do but I felt like I let you down.

Okay enough with that, let's talk menu.

Spending: $7.37 at Wal Mart

I actually drank 1/2 cup of coffee because I was so tired but it did not taste good so I did not finish it.

We grazed and ate every hour or two the whole train ride on
Banana Chips-treat
Tortilla Chips

Kids were not hungry
Kira ate a banana
I had Nutty Veggies and Rice

Snacked on crannberries and banana chips while writing this.

I am exhausted and I am going to bed, Goodnight

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