Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 26

Today we had so much fun. It was a lazy morning but ended up a full day. We went to cousins house to play. They play so well together. I love it when you know your kids can play in the other room with kids and not have to worry what they are doing. We would peek in and see them getting along so well. There was not one fight or struggle about any toys or type of play. I love it. We drove home and hit an unusual amount of traffic. We just thought it was after lunch and people were driving back to work. I got a little worse and I decided to take the side streets home instead of the freeway. On the way to the side streets I notice a sign saying the freeway is closed. Okay, maybe they are working on it but how very odd. We get to the secret side streets and we are in a parking lot. It took us almost forty minutes to go 6.5 miles. What is going on? I put on 1070 AM News Radio and after about five minutes they went to traffic. Supposedly, there was a grenade on the one of the lanes of the Southbound 5 Freeway. They closed down both sides of the freeway and had to have a bomb squad come out to diffuse it. CRAZY!!! Luckily it was a dud and no one was hurt but boy oh boy did it effect traffic. The 5 freeway Northbound was a parking lot and my coworker who lives in Encinitas, was suppose to be at work at 4:30 and did not get there until close to 7:30. Oh well.

I worked at the restaurant tonight and had a blast. I am a little tired but feel pretty good considering it was not too busy. But I had fun seeing people and getting looks like, didn't you move? what are you doing here? That is always fun.

Tomorrow morning we are having family over and having a pancake breakfast. I love breakfast, I mean who doesn't love a good pancake. It was free pancake day at IHOP on Tuesday. People like pancakes and I am one of them.

Spending: $40 for babysitting but more of a necessity but my tips will cover that easily.



Blueberries, Dried Mango and Rice Crackers

El Pollo Loco BRC Burritoes GF Style*


Tomatoes and Avocado
Leftover Noodles-Kids

Cesear Salad at work- family meal-me
Stirfry leftovers- as late night snack-me

* Uncle Matt treated El Pollo Loco. We ate off the $1 menu and it was a deal
I ordered the BRC Burrito/Bean, Rice and Cheese. But I asked for no cheese and no flour tortilla and corn instead. They put it in the side cup and give you two corn tortillas all for a $1. It takes awhile to explain what I want but they do it for me everytime I have asked. Sweet as deal!

It does not hurt to ask for them to do it what is the worst thing they do, say no.
Signing of with throbbing feet good night.

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