Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 19

Today we had speech therapy and she was evaluating Enzo before he moves out of her program to preschool program. He did above his age in the articulation and part of another section. He will continue two weeks from now. Very cool!

The neighbors took the kids again today for about an hour while I cooked dinner. I had such a quiet, peaceful hour. Love those guys.

Spending: Nothing
I am determined to find a way to make my budget work with eating more of a vegetarian diet. I searched all of these blogs on being a frugal vegetarian or frugal gluten free. Not! The frugal Gluten free was a site that made meals for under $20. Um? I need a meal for four under $7, not $20 a meal. For that my monthly grocery budget for just dinner would be $600. So I am on a mission in order to make this work and get us back on track.


I used half the juice I normally and add four oranges from my neighbor tree(I have permission).

bananas and nuts

Veggie Faces,
Soup with no tortillas and they gobbled it up.

raisins and nuts

Rice Noodles with tomato sauce. I used some canned tomatoes with fresh tomatoes and add about a cup of the tomato soup from the other night. So yummy

Veggie Faces
I did this yesterday and they were so excited to eat their veggies, I had to do it again.
Kira wanted a princess and Enzo wanted a raccoon.
For the Princess: I made cucumber slices for eyes with olives on top
mushroom slice for a nose half grape tomatoes for lips and carrot sticks for hair.

For the Raccoon: Cucumber slices for eyes and olives on top with mushroom slices all around for a mask. Hummus for the nose. Half grape tomatoes for a mouth.

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