Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 15- 28 Days of Nothing

I felt like crud today. All of the bad eating I have been doing finally caught up with me. I was crabby and tired. Time for change. I realize that I eat really for about six to seven months, then pretty good for four to five months. Then the last month or two it is horrible. I mean it is not nearly as bad as I used to eat but it is bad for me. Obviously, you all saw the signs, I cooked with LARD for Pete's sake!! I knew I was heading down the road too. So this week is detox week for me. Then I realized that I detoxed this time last year too. That makes sense, so hear I go. I started today after breakfast when I started feeling horrible, with my barley grass juice and carrot juice every couple hours. So I will be following this detox program. I will update on it a little too.

Spending: Nada



Turkey Roll-ups
Apple slices

Almonds and bananas

Stir Fry with Square Chicken and rice

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