Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 9- 28 Days of Nothing

We had to do some much needed shopping today.

Ink Cartridge at Staples $50
Groceries $60

Total Spending so far this month $126.74 on food and household items.

I feel pretty good about that.
Tuesdays Eric has work off and it was so nice to have him home. We had a leisurely morning and as I got the kids dressed he did the dishes and started sweeping and moping the kitchen. We cleaned almost the whole house in not even a hour together.
Wow! How nice and what a great surprise. I finished my dress and Eric cleaned and straightened the garage.

He went to the bank and grocery shopping for dinner and such.
We had a great dinner with our neighbors and kids are asleep. I am heading off to bed soon too. What a great day with the family and friends.
Our neighbors even offered to watch the kids for a couple hours every once in awhile...so sweet.


Cereal with Vanilla soymilk, the store was all out of regular so I got vanilla and it was really good!!


Square Chicken and tortillas-(square chicken is tofu)
Leftover stir fry with veggie patty broken up, it was almost like egg foo young, yum.


Arroz Con Pollo

Now I do not have permission to give out this recipe. It is a Cuban recipe from a friend. It is basically chicken, rice with tomatoes, green bell pepper and olives.
It is Eric's favorite meal and I have not made it for a while but chicken was on sale and you would all be proud I cleaned the chicken all by myself. Eric got chicken quarters and I took off the skin, fat and cut it up. All without wearing gloves. Yes, I am not a fan of raw chicken and especially touching it let alone dealing with bones.

Man, first the zipper and now major chicken deboning, this has been a good week so far of firsts.

I am watching "Some Kind Of Wonderful" in the background while blogging. Boy, do I love this movie. I think it is easily top ten favorite love story movies, actually top five. We even really thought about Watts instead of Kira's name. Love her. Especially when she gets him to "practice" kissing.

Watts: "I just think maybe, you should consider whether or not you feel you can deliver the kiss that kills"
Watts: "It's cool, I was just going to work on it with you, but if you're comfortable, great"
Keith: "Wait how do you work on it"
Watts: "Pretend I am a girl okay, pretend I am her, Amanda"

Music in the background

"The minutes that we missed
The idle lips that should've kissed
Are now gently together
The first kiss lasts forever

She loves me
She loves me
Oh and she loves me all the time"

Can't beat it!

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