Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blueberry Pancakes

I have been making pancakes more for dinner lately and thought I would surprise the kids with blueberry pancakes. I had got Costco's frozen blueberries for smoothies. I changed the pancake recipe a little. I found Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour at Food 4 Less for a dollar cheaper than New Frontiers Health Food Store. I thought why not try it for that price. I made tortillas earlier in the week and they were good. The flour mixture is mainly garbanzo bean flour, so it is a little stronger in flavor. I used three cups of Bob's Flour mix instead of regular GF Mix.

This morning I thought I would use it because I did not want to measure everything out. Easy peasy. They turned out good and I am glad I add the blueberries because it definitely had a different taste. They were good not great but the kids ate them so no problem.

Enzo in the action of eating

I now cook all the pancakes and then freeze them after they are cooled. This morning has been lazy and about an hour after we ate the kids wanted more. So I gave them a couple more from the cooked pile and grabbed one for myself. I do not know if I did not cook this particular one completely or what but, it was horrible. It tasted like really bad blueberry hummus or something that is completely wrong. I was gagging and ran to the kitchen for juice. Awful!!! I think I just got a dud.

So I would not recommend Bob's Red Mill All Purpose GF Flour mix for pancakes. Maybe for pizza crust or more savory items.

I have got the hebe gebe's thinking about that taste.

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