Monday, March 29, 2010

A Novel Idea

Compost, Stir Fry and Crudite

As I was cutting up my veggies for lunch today I had a novel idea. Why don't I cut up the veggies for dinner right now. I will only have to clean one cutting board and knife. So why not just cut everything up and have it done too. Hellloo!! What have I been thinking? Why have I been doing double duty? I know I could cut up all the veggies for the week but I find they tend not to last as long. So why not for the day, oh yeah I had an epiphany and I thought I would share.

So in the picture above I have the first bowl on the left is the cuttings and peelings for my neighbors compost pile. The one who has the great garden. In the middle are the veggies for stir fry and nutty noodles. On the platter is the crudite for lunch. I made hummus and a beautiful platter of veggies to dip.

I even made my own hummus, literally from scratch. I ran out of tahini and I made my own.
Here is the recipe


1/2 cup sesame seeds
1 can of garbanzo beans (not drained)
juice of one lemon
olive oil
Mary-Ann's Garlic Salt

In my Vita-mix I put the sesame seeds, garbanzo beans and water, lemon juice and salt all in. I slowly blend and add olive oil until you reach the desire consistency.

Another novel idea, why buy tahini when I can make it. I think it is probably cheaper if I buy sesame seed in bulk and I get back about that.
We went outside and set up the table and umbrella.
It was gorgeous. I love this weather.

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