Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 28-Last Day of Nothing- As Close as Possible

We got up early and had my uncle take us up to the Irvine Train station. We caught the train to LA and then from LA to SLO. It was a long trip. We were all tired and missed dad and wanted to be home. Enzo had a little meltdown in LA Union Station while I was checking bags. I could not do anything to soothe him and I could not walk away because we were in line. Brother, I do not want to do that again. Other than that they were angels on the train. We got home and they hugged dad and did not let go for awhile. So sweet.

We got home and I took a two hour nap, much needed. I had to go to the store last night because I would not have a car until Tuesday and the house was bare. So I ended our 28 days of nothing at 6:00pm.

This has been much harder than last year and I am not sure why. Maybe because we were on such a tight budget and then to get extra money, it was burning a hole in my pocket. When I say burning a hole I mean there were things that we really needed and I felt obligated not to get them because of my 28 days. I ended up buying the fabric and I am glad I did because it was a deal and we need clothes for Kira.

I reevaluated our food budget and changed it to $400 month and considering all the changes we did in our diet I totaled our food to $421.18. I spent $183.26 on other essentials other than food at the stores. Considering what we bought, I feel good about it. I am excited to see how eating a plant based diet changes our grocery costs. I am going to shop weekly so that I do not waste anything by buying to much.

Spending: Nothing

Smoothies and rice bread toast


Dried Mango-Kira
rice crackers


Roll-ups and fruit

Wow! I can not believe this month is over. I have learned a lot and have been humbled too. I will probably do it again next February and maybe tweak a few things.
Thanks for coming along on the journey. Hope you were challenged or encouraged. Let me know what you did, if anything.

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