Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Victoria's Scarf

Kira modeling the scarf for me

Today is a special day for my little bub, Enzo. He turns three on Thursday which means he is out of the in-home Speech Therapy and into a class twice a week. I am so happy for all of his hard work. His teacher Miss Victoria, who has been coming to our house for a while now, has been such a blessing. I knitted a scarf this last week for her. She has beautiful blue eyes and thought this would be perfect for her.

We are happy to be moving up but we will definitely miss our visits with her :(


Anne said...

This is very cute...I am learning how to knit right now! yay for knitting! looks like you've got quite the little model too! =)


Linda Z said...

I knit a scarf for my mom that looks very similar... and so soft, too! I just wish I knew some different ways to knit... I should go to a class! :)