Monday, March 1, 2010

Plant Based Diet

I watch this great video called "Eating" All I can say is WOW! I knew that eating a plant based diet was better for you but after watching this video Eric and I both are on board with eating a plant based diet.

Heart Disease, Cancer and Adult Onset Diabetes are all symptoms of an animal based diet. If everyone would watch this video and changed their diet, there would radical changes in American health. There is no gimmick or trick. The only trick is the way the government manipulates what a healthy diet is.

The biggest falsehoods that blew me away were:

*There is no documented cause of a dietary origin calcium deficiency.

*Bone loss occurs because of sedentary work and lifestyle.
i.e Astronauts have bone loss due to the gravity environment

*It does not matter if it is lighter meat it still has cholesterol.
3 oz. steak has 75 mg of cholesterol
3 oz. skinless breast of chicken has 72 mg of cholesterol

*3 glasses of milk has the just as much cholesterol as 21 slices of bacon

*Type II Diabetes can be totally reversed within a WEEK of a 100% Plant Based Diet

*Americans think they need more protein and that is due to Food Lobbyist paying off the USDA and such. Protein deficiency is rare. We are the fattest nation and we constantly concerned with something that only happens if you are starving!

*So where do I get my protein?

Here is the percent protein of certain foods

Pecans 5
Bananas 5
Grapefruit 5
Watermelon 8
Orange 8
Cherries 8
Brown Rice 8
Cantaloupe 9
Carrots 10
Potatoes 11
Barley 11
Almonds 12
Cashews 12
Walnuts 13
Corn 15
Wheat 17
Peanuts 17
Wild Rice 18
Tomatoes 20
Artichokes 22
Cabbage 22
Chickpea 23
Squash 23
Cucumber 24
Kidney Beans 26
Green Beans 26
Pinto Beans 26
Lentils 29
Broad Beans 32
Asparagus 38
Soybeans 43
Brussel Sprouts 44
Broccoli 45
Spinach 49

Now we as humans only need 5% of our total calories to be from protein. So clearly eating a plant based diet will satisfy your need for protein, a healthy protein. If you think about it what do cows eat? Grass, barley and corn...hmmm. They get their protein from a plant based diet

From His book:

*"The protein in human mother's milk is only five percent of the total calories. Mother's milk is providing protein during the fastest growth period humans will ever experience outside the womb. At no other time in our lives will we need a greater amount of protein. In fact, the average adult needs only half that amount or two and one-half percent of calories from protein. More than five percent protein is not only unnecessary, but also potentially dangerous because it will promote cancer and other degenerative diseases. Just one reason "high protein" diets should be avoided like the plague." page 133-134 "Healing Cancer From Inside Out" By Mike Anderson

Well there you have it if you eat a plant based diet you get all the protein, calcium and nutrients that you need. I am excited to have discovered this book and video. I have lost about six pounds since lowering my animal intake and another six pounds going 100% plant based diet. Making a total of twelve pound weight loss. I feel good and I am eating whatever I want whenever I want. I not counting calories, points, or weighing and measuring my food. I am eating what God has created for us.

The RAVE Diet and lifestyle means

No R efined foods
No A nimal foods
No V egetable oils
No E xceptions
& Exercise

I definitely am on board for no refined and no animal.
I am slowly working on no vegetable oil.
I am excited and curious to see how our health changes, all four of us and whoever else tries this. Let me know if you have heard of this or do something similar, I would love to know more.


Linda Z said...

Wow, good for you, Keilah!! I look forward to hearing how all the changes affect your family. :)

Dr Nicholas E. said...

Diagnosis of Diabetes can be controlled and prevented. Always consider the food you take, avoid junks and eat more fruits and vegetables. Have a regular physical activity and lastly, have a regular self testing to track the results of your effort in preventing diabetes.