Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paper Clutter Lesson 1

Where does paper clutter start and why does it follow me everywhere? I do not get catalogs. I do not get the newspaper or magazines. Yet, I can not get it under control. I have a good filing system, WHEN I use it, which is 60-70% of the time. I find I will be really good for a month or so and then it starts to pile up out of control. How do you keep it under control?

I won the free workshop over at Simplify 101: Organize Your Paper Clutter.
It started on Tuesday and I read the first lesson then started homework today.


Here is the stack of papers that have been collecting dust and even a black sock! Opps!

I went through everything. It took more than fifteen minutes, she wanted to have us commit to fifteen minutes a day for paperwork during this process. I took time and just powered through it. I filed papers that needed to go into my file system. Dated artwork from the kids and threw out ones that I did not totally love-chicken scratch ones and some artwork that was not really their artistic ability but rather busy work. I gathered food recipes. I keep track of the costs of certain food from different stores to make sure I get the best deal and I am efficient when shopping. (I do not drive to each store just for one or two good deals.)

I had 1/4 of a kitchen trash bag full of just paperwork! UGH! I get all of my bills through e-bills and have cut that excess paper out. You would be amazed at all the paperwork that we have for Enzo. It is ridiculous. All of the HIPPA, disclosure junk and every announcement of my rights. You know what people just put it on a website and update by email and save the trees!!!! The government is unbelievable when it comes to excess paperwork.

I updated my home management notebook and filing container.

It feels so good getting it down. This also inspired me to get the garage clean, well, at least my things that are out there. Eric loves a clean garage, thank goodness. I finally unpacked the last two little boxes that I forgot about from the move. Obviously nothing of great importance since it has been almost two months we have been here. My plan with this paper clutter workshop is to get my stored paperwork under control. I have notebooks from school that I can not get rid of. Maybe I can scan and download or something. My math class notebooks were beautiful. I used to sell my notes because they were so neat. I want to cut the paper clutter where I can.

What is the hardest part of your paper clutter?


Jenny said...

The hardest part of my paper clutter is....I keep everything! I have a to be filed pile, then I file it all in a to be filed folder...ahhh. I am going to check out some of the tips from simplify 101! I have NEVER had control of my paper it possible...anything is possible! Thank you!

going kiwi said...

I would consider myself an organized pack rat to a degree. I have had a really had time especially with the kids. I love every little doodle but Kira doodles on EVERYTHING. I am trying to date stuff and pick one or two treasures for each month then it goes in a file for the year. It worked pretty good last year.
I have one pee chee folder type for the year.

It was a huge step to throw away her stuff and I let her pick a couple of her favorites, so that she was involved in the process too. She, I think will be better than me about throwing stuff away, at least I hope.