Monday, March 8, 2010

Enzo Update

Today we went to CCS for Occupational Therapy (OT) weekly appointment. Since we just moved into a new city we have to go to that city's therapy unit, so a new OT and PT. Miss Sherry, his OT, is amazing. They connected right away and he responded really well last week. This week she wanted to use kinesio tape on his left hand and arm in order to strengthen his left side. She only used one piece of tape on the top of his hand right below his knuckles, going up his arm halfway. I had her put it on my arm first to show him it did not hurt and with a little persuasion/promise of a lollipop he allowed her to tape him.

Within seconds his hand was relaxed!! I could not believe my eyes. How could a little piece of tape correct his hand and grip so fast. She hopes to tape his hand/arm every week and add different positioning to strengthen and then as time goes by only tape a few to see the progress. Each taping will last about four days and we will see her every Monday. So it should last until Thursday and possibly part of Friday. This is so exciting and really crazy how it effects him so quickly. Just one step in the right direction toward recovery/healing. God is so good and answers prayer in so many ways, like tape. Amen

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