Saturday, March 6, 2010

Going Out on a Limb

Okay after the last few days racking my brain of how I could make it easier for people to eat this way, I have come to a conclusion. I going to write an ebook cookbook. Quite a few people have told me I should and after talking to Eric he agreed with me and told me to do it. So here we go on our next adventure. I have already about 50 recipes and I am going to work on about 20 to 30 more.
I bought GF flours yesterday and I plan to try out some new GF recipes I am coming up with. The cookbook with be GF of course and plant-based too.

My biggest goal is to make easy, cheap, healthy and tasty recipes that do not take more than 45 minutes to an hour to prepare. Most will be less than that but some will be a little more in depth. Basically, I wanted to do a cooking class but I have no real way of doing it. So instead I thought I could write it all down. I am excited and a little nervous and who knows maybe someone will buy it and maybe no one besides my mom will buy it but that is okay. It will be something I can say I have done. If I can sew a invisible zipper, I can do this. I want a due date so that I have a little pressure. I am going to say that for my rough draft needs to be done in one month from today, April 6th. Then from there I will give a due date for final draft. I would love to have pictures too. Well I am eager to see how things will fall into place.

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